The Light Order

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Light Order Spells

Rank 1 Spells
Burning Gaze: Magical damage spell
Healing Energy: Heals a target
Clarity: Gain a fortune dice to Observation and Intuition checks
Dazzling Light: Target gains the Blinded condition for 2 rounds
Ward Evil: Ward protects against daemons and the undead
Illumination: Nullify the effects of darkness or shadow out to medium range and gain +1 Defense
Radiant Weapon:Your weapon is considered to be Superior in quality, gaining a fortune dice

Rank 2 Spells
Comforting Light: Reduce the effects of a temporary insanity
The Power of Truth: Gain bonuses to Social actions except for Guile checks.
Eyes of Truth: See through darkness and illusions

Rank 3 Spells
Daemonbane: Target daemon within medium range suffers wounds
Exorcism: You attempt to banish a daemon or evil force
Body of Light: Actions that target you add misfortune dice

The Light Order

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