The Jade Order

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Jade Order Spells

Rank 1 Spells
Curse of Thorns (Summer): Summon thorns within target’s body to cause damage, stress, and fatigue
The Howler Wind (Winter): Increase your defense depending on your conservative stance
Gift of Life (Spring): Target heal wounds and fatigue
The Whispering Wind (Autumn): Ask a question of the wind
Summer’s Heat (Summer): Target gains the Sluggish condition for 3 rounds
Winter’s Frost (Winter): The ground becomes icy and slick, and anyone in the area must pass Coordination checks or fall prone
Growing Season (Spring): Target must pass Athletics check or gain the Exposed condition

Rank 2 Spells
Shape Plants (Summer): Living plants can be molded into tools, barriers, or any shape to suit your purpose
Leaf Fall (Autumn): A flurry of autumn leaves hide you from view
Avalanche (Winter): All creatures in the area of effect are buried in snow and ice

Rank 3 Spells
Lance of Nature (Autumn): Magical damage spell
Rain of Life (Spring): A warm gentle rain that restores health to your allies
Master the Seasons: Change the season as a maneuver for the duration of the encounter

The Jade Order

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