The Grey Order

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Grey Order Spells

Rank 1 Spells
Shadowcloak: Immediately peform a manouever action, if concealed you make make a Stealth check to remain hidden
Bewilder: Target gains the Perplexed condition for 3 rounds
Doppelganger: Assume the appearance of another humanoid creature
Eye of the Beholder: Alter how an item is perceived
Pool of Shadows: Target terrain or area chosen gains 2 misfortune dice to all checks involving vision
Blade in the Dark: Summon a magical handweapon to stab from the shadows
Veil of Fear: You gain the ability to cause Fear
Shroud of Invisibility: You veil yourself from sight.

Rank 2 Spells
Choking Shadows: Magical damage spell
Stormcall: Magical blast of wind moves all other characters engaged with you away from you

Rank 3 Spells
Pit of Shades: Opens a dark pit in a designated flat surface
Traitor of Tarn: Use a target’s shadow to control it
Substance of Shadow: You can move through physical objects and gain bonuses to Stealth checks

The Grey Order

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