The Colleges of Magic

Founded in 2304 I.C. by the High Elven Mage Teclis by the order of his Imperial Majesty Magnus the Pious to stand as a bulwark against the forces of Chaos and to provide tutelage to Empire Wizards in controlling and channeling the Winds of Magic.

The various Colleges are:

The Amber Order – The wind of Ghur. Nature spells and shapeshifting

The Amethyst Order – The wind of Shyish. Speak with/command the dead. Rot your enemies

The Bright Order – The wind of Aqshy. Fire spells. Blow stuff up “real good”.

The Celestial Order – The wind of Azyr. Prophecy and throwing lightening around

The Gold Order – The wind of Chamon. Alchemical magic transmuting metals

The Grey Order – The wind of Ulgu. Illusion, Fear, and Mystery

The Jade Order – The wind of Ghyran. Nature and Elements

The Light Order – The wind of Hysh. Healing, Binding, and Artifacts

The Colleges of Magic

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