The Bright Order

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Bright Order Spells

Rank 1 Spells
Shielding Winds of Aqshy: Flame shield increase your soak value by 2
Glamour of Fire: Add a fortune dice to your Intimidate, Charm, and Leadership checks
Flaming Sword of Rhuin: Summon a magical handweapon
Cauterize: Treat Critical wounds as normal wounds until the end of the act
Fiery Passion: Target gains a bonus for being reckless and is penalized for acting conservatively
Pyrokinesis: Depending of difficulty, control a target fire
Flameblast: Magical damage spell

Rank 2 Spells
Great Fires of U’Zhul: Magical damage spell
Combustion: Magical damage spell
Burning Blood: Use your enemy’s critical wounds against him

Rank 3 Spells
Flamestorm: Magical damage spell
Wings of Fire: Fly to a new location within close range
Bolt of Aqshy: Magical damage spell

The Bright Order

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