The Amethyst Order

The Amethyst Order placeholder text

Amethyst Order Spells

Rank 1 Spells
Dark Hand of Death: Magical damage spell
Not Yet Time: While the card recharges, you can discard Critical wounds
Deathsight: See living, dying, dead, and undead. Also invisible and ethereal
Reaping Scythe: Summon a magical greatweapon
Death’s Messenger: Cause Fear and gain a fortune dice to Intimidate checks
Rune of Shyish: Ward target item against undead and ethereal
Acceptance of Fate: Reduce the amount of Fear or Terror a target generates

Rank 2 Spells
Doom & Darkness: Target gains Ill-Fortuned or Frightened condition for 3 rounds
Final Words: Ask 1 question of the dead
Steal Life: Inflict a wound to heal a wound or gain power

Rank 3 Spells
Death’s Release: Damage an undead creature ignoring it’s Toughness and soak values
Tide of Years: Reduce the Strength, Agility, and Toughness of the target by 1
Death’s Door: Once per day, you may attempt to prevent a creature from dying

The Amethyst Order

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