Stromdorf is a small market town in the southern part of the Reikland, about 150 miles from Altdorf as the raven flies.

Located at the confluence of three rivers (the Ober, Tranig, and Teufel), the town of Stromdorf is just north of marshy lowlands and stony hills known as the Fleuchtschussel, an infamous wetland and usually avoided since it is known as “the stormiest place in Reikland”. Even in midsummer, grey leaden clouds cover the sky spilling rain and lightning.

The Fleuchtschussel eventually gives way to the beastmen-filled marshes of the Oberslect to the east and the goblin-infested Blitzfelsen Hills to the south.

The town itself boasts a population of over 500 Imperial human souls. Elves are a rare sight in Stromdorf, but Dwarfs are common enough as small traveling bands will occasionally make a pilgrimmage to the Thunderwater Inn to tap a keg of Thunderwater Ale, a potent brew with a distinctively peaty aftertaste.

Stromdorf is currently run by Captain Arno Kessler as a proxy for the reclusive Burgomeister Phillip Adler. This has led to quite a bit of disatisfaction and grumbling by the town council, and even more vocal protests from the local troublemaker Hanko M√ľnke.


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