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The Old World

For those of you not familiar with Warhammer Fantasy or its Old World setting, imagine a hybrid of the darkest times of the Dark Ages Holy Roman Empire combined with the early technological advancements of the Renaissance. While most warriors still fight with sword and shield, blackpowder weapons, though rare, do exist.

As does magic, only the Winds of Magic are a fickle and dangerous thing. For humans, magic is only undertaken through years of rigorous study at The Colleges of Magic in Altdorf, and unless licensed by the Colleges, practitioners of “the Dark Arts” are viewed as damned souls who usually find their end on a burning pyre stoked by hard-eye witch hunters and religious zealots from one of the many Imperial Cults.

In the greatest of the Imperial cities, Altdorf, common half-timbered buildings soar up to five stories into the air, though these are dwarfed by the Temple of Sigmar (patron god of the Empire) and the Imperial Palace (home to His Imperial Highness, Emperor Karl Franz I von Holswig-Schliestein, Grand Prince of Altdorf, Count of the Reikland, Protector of the Empire).

Located where the River Reik and the River Talabec meet, Altdorf isn’t merely the Imperial seat of power, it’s a one of the four city-states of the Empire (the others being Nuln, Talabheim, and Middenheim). Altdorf is also the most modern and progressive human city in the Old World and is a center for trade, wealth, and power (at least as far as humans are concerned; dwarfs and elves have different opinions about these things).

Altdorf exists in great contrast to the common farming villages of the Empire where the poor live in squalid poverty, breaking their backs for nobility, who are only moderately more educated, but just as superstitious and xenophobic.

Of course that’s if the village is lucky enough to be walled and have a strong enough garrison to repel the regular raids of the barbaric greenskins or the filthy mutated beasthersds and corrupted followers of The Chaos Gods.

Life isn’t easy in the Old World, and adventuring in it can significantly shorten your lifespan, but for those bold enough to defy convention and set themselves upon the adventurer’s path, the rewards can be magnificent!

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