Important Dates

The Empire uses a lunar-based calendar that follows the movement of Mannslieb (beloved of Manann, the God of the Seas). Mannslieb is the larger of the two moons of the Old World and when it waxes full (every 25 days), it shines with a bright white light (similar to Earth’s moon). It’s surface appears to be grayish-white rock.

The second moon, Morrslieb is much smaller and shines with a sickly green light. The name Morrslieb translates in Old Reikspiel as “beloved of Morr” (the God of Death) and is also known as the Dark Moon. The light cast by Morrslieb is considered by many to be corrupting and evil. It is considered quite ominious for Morrslieb to eclipse Mannslieb.

Morrsleib doesn’t seem to follow any particular pattern of waxing or waning in the night sky. Despite this random movment there are two nights every year when both moons wax full: Hexenacht* (Witching Night the first night of the new year) and Geheimnisnacht^^ (The Night of Mysteries six months later about a month after the summer solstice).

The Imperial Calendar is based upon the lunar cycle of Mannslieb and is divided into twelve months:

Hexenstag – New Year’s Day*
Nachexen: 32 days
Jahrdrung: 33 days
Mitterfruhl – Spring Equinox
Pflugzeit: 33 days
Sigmarzeit: 33 days
Sommerzeit: 33 days
Sonnstill – Summer Solstice
Vorgheim: 33 days
Geheimnistag – Day of Mystery^^
Nachgeheim: 32 days
Erntezeit: 33 days
Mitterbst – Autumnal Equinox
Bruzeit: 33 days
Kaldezeit: 33 days
Ulriczeit: 33 days
Mondistille – Winter Solstice
Vorhexen: 33 days

Important Dates

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