Celestial Order Writ of Travel

Erland’s Traveling Papers


A typical writ issued to apprentices of the Colleges of Magic, this scroll grants traveling privileges and certain other rights to the bearer.

2 Sommerzeit 2521 I.C.

Read and Attend!

The bearer of this document, one Erland Reikson, is an apprentice at the Celestial Order College of Magic in the Imperial City of Altdorf, and has been granted leave to pursue business at the behest of the Celestial Order.

As such, the bearer and only the bearer may conduct inquiry, investigation, and inquisition in order to further the business of the Celestial Order. Within this remit, he is permitted reasonable access to lines of credit established by the Celestial Order. Any damages, loss of property, or compensation may be sought in Altdorf at the Celestial Order itself providing a full and unvarnished account of the expense is provided.

Additionally, the bearer is permitted to request reasonable support from the local law enforcement, so long as it remains within the boundaries of The Empire.

In the event that the bearer is found guilty of wrong doing, criminal trespass, disturbing calumny, congress with powers undesirable and corrupt, schemes of Ponzi, unwelcome use of magickal talent, fraudulent misrepresentation of self or the Colleges of Magic, statements deceitful or harmful, designs for local or regional or worldly domination, libel or slander, gluttony, invariable play, inebriation, gambling, vagrancy, obesity, child abandonment, uncouth hedonism, and/or public masturbation, he is to be returned to the Celestial College for punishment under Imperial Law by the Council of Magisters.

If the bearer has committed any of the trespasses listed above, he may be incarcerated for a reasonable amount of time in order to arrange suitable transportation to Altdorf and the Celestial Order of the Colleges of Magic, but punishment of the bearer remains the sole right of the Celestial Order.

Consequently, any punishment of the bearer is conducted at your own peril, and with the full censure and displeasure of every member of the Celestial Order, the entirety of The Colleges of Magic, and His Imperial Majesty, Karl Franz. May Sigmar, Morr, and Shallya have mercy on you, for we will not!

Made valid by my hand this day, in the Emperor’s sight,

Heinutsch Nikolaus

Magister, Celestial Order, The Colleges of Magic, Altdorf

Celestial Order Writ of Travel

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