Vaulauyl of House Rolomin

A light footed High Elf performer of House Rolomin



Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 3

Basic Skills

Coordination (trained)
Charm (trained)
Discipline (trained)
Folklore (trained)
Intuition (trained)
Observation (trained)
Education (trained)

Skill Specializations

Diplomacy (Charm)
Local Customs (Folklore)
Resist Fear (Discipline)


Rank: 1
XP: 3
Career Ability: Performer
Social Tier: Gold
Wound Threshold: 11
Stance Meter: C2/R2
Talent Cards: Creative Thinking (Focus), Favored by Fortune (Reputation), Connected (Reputation)
Basic Action Cards: Assess the Situation, Block, Dodge, Guarded Position, Melee Strike, Perform a Stunt, Ranged Shot, Parry,
Special Action Cards: Acrobatic Strike, Find Weakness, Formal Diplomacy, Winning Smile
Special Race Ability: High Elf

Weapons: Rapier: DR5/CR3, Fast, Melee; Dagger: DR4/CR3, Fast, Melee
Armor: Mail Shirt: Defense 1, Soak 2

Other Equipment: Exceptional Clothes, a superior craftsmanship lyre, a satchel with a spare set of clothes, performing costume, theater make up, healing draught (x1), tinder, candles.


Vaulauyl of The House Rolomin is the wind that blows the leaves of infamy. For generations, elves and men alike have heard of the deathless bard crossing The Empire, roaming Bretonnia, and across the waters to the Island of Ulthuan.

Born in the kingdom of Caledor in Ulthuan, his parents named him in honor of Vaul, The Elven god of Smithing and Metallurgy. Vaulauyl, meaning “Sorrow of Vaul.” It wasn’t until adolescence that it became clear how entirely fitting his name was. While showing promise with weapons and agility, it was his interest in literature and epic poetry that he showed tremendous talent. It was said his rendering of an epic can bring tears to the eyes of anyone with a soul.

After years of traveling around the kingdoms of Ulthuan he settled in Lothern to entertain at the seat of the Phoenix King. After becoming bored of living a pampered life; he decided to explore the world, and learn new tales to tell and new heralds to sing.

It is said he has traveled the world for countless years. Always met with praise and awe, he has found it easy to convince both humans and dwarves to befriend him and share in his tales.

Vaulauyl of House Rolomin

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