Sebastien Brenner

The owner and proprietor of the Thunderwater Inn and Brewery


A stocky man in late middle age, Sebastien has a shock of auburn hear, mean eyes, and a permanent scowl and usually wears practical workaday clothes and a lightly stained heavy white apron while working on the tavern floor of the Thunderwater Inn.

He tends to keep folks at arms distance, and even his regular customers would describe him as “cold and distant”, but they attribute that to the stoic way that his is handling his grief over the recent suicide of his wife Madriga Brenner.

There are also several members of the family that take part in the business:

Klaus Brenner: Brewmaster of the Thunderwater Brewery. Klaus is the oldest son of Sebastien and Madriga. A broad-shouldered and thick young man of 27 years with a head shaved bald as an egg, he has an avuncular attitude that will sometimes stray into outright ribaldry.

Friedrich Brenner: The middle son of Sebastien and Madriga, he keeps his blond hair trimmed in a close crew-cut and hopes to one day inherit the inn.

Hans Brenner: The youngest son of Sebastien and Madriga, Hans is still in his teens, wears his coal dark hair long, and thanks to the tales of travels through the inn, dreams of one day leaving Stromdorf to see the various wonders of the world.

Sebastien Brenner

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