Lector Magnus Gottschalk

A veteran warrior priest of Sigmar and current Lector at the Temple of Sigmar in Stromdorf


The party’s first introduction to Lector Gottschalk was as they wandered into the Temple of Sigmar upon arriving in Stromdorf. Gottschalk was booming out a sermon, haranguing the enemies of the Empire, and inspiring the worshipers into fits of religious passion.

Bull-necked and with muscles of steel, he wears an iron circlet about his bald head, fashioned with sigils of Sigmar. His eyes burn with pious rage beneath his beetled brow,and the great silver ring through his broken nose furthers his semblance to an angry ox. His face is crisscrossed with old battle scars, and the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar is branded into his forehead.

He is clad from neck to waist in a heavy steel breastplate, emblazoned with the cross of the Reikland, and his crimson robes swish about his legs. From his belt hang sacred relics and a massive double-headed warhammer, engraved with holy runes of battle.

Lector Magnus Gottschalk

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