A clever and dangerous ungor shaman.


A respected and powerful shaman of the Madteeth beastmen, Foaldeath has his own plans for the future of the herd, one that doesn’t include the current wargor Izka Madteeth, and oddly enough doesn’t include the destruction of the human city of Stromdorf and the surrounding settlements and farms.

His first attempt to wrest control from Izka failed because the herd too quickly destroyed the Eigel family farm, and returned to the herdstone before Foaldeath and his human allies, the Holtz family, could remove the Lightning Stone.

If Foaldeath can find allies that can fight their way to the herdstone, steal The Lightning Stone, and escape the mire of the Oberslecht, his plan will succeed. If his allies manage to kill Izka, all the better, as the resulting challenges for leadership will place Foaldeath in a position to influence and manipulate the new wargor leader of the Madteeth herd.

Foaldeath’s palpable desperation is such that he’ll even risk using outsiders to accomplish his goals because Izka has seen the increases in stormy weather and lightning strikes to the herdstone as signs from the Great Dark Gods that it is time for the Madteeth to rise up and cast down the works of Man with tooth, claw, steel, and fire…


A Storm Upon The Horizon madjackdeacon