Florian Weschler

A merchant from Ubersreik who has gone missing in Stromdorf.


Florien Wechsler was a merchant working for the Merchant’s Guild of Ubersreik. He departed for the city of Stromdorf with a shipment of coal in Sigmarzeit 2521 I.C. along with his bodyguards Krantz and Olaf. Their intent was to sell the consignment of coal at the upcoming Markttag. Florien, his consignment, and his guards apparently arrived in Stromdorf without incident. The entourage apparently lodged at the Stewpot Hostelry, and also stabled the white pony that pulled the coal cart there as well.

Two weeks following the Markttag, the Merchant Guild of Ubersreik sought help in tracking Wechsler down, since he had not returned from Stromdorf. A representative placed a call out to independent contractors who could follow up on this discreetly. His call was answered by Tomke “Rot Hand” Gleemann and Vauter Krueb. The pair collected the pertinent information and set off for Stromdorf to investigate.

The accounts they gathered detailed that Wechsler successfully sold the coal and intended to return with the profits to Ubersreik. However, early in the morning following the Markttag, he allegedly departed the Stewpot Hostelry without his bodyguards and under a rushed disposition. Information gather from the guards that worked the gates that morning indicate that he was not seen leaving city.

Gleeman and Krueb investigated several other areas of the town in attempts to find clues as to Wechsler’s whereabouts, including the local tannery. They also consulted their new acquaintance Erland Reikson, an apprentice of the Celestial Order, to see if his divination could determine Wechsler’s fate or location. Reikson was unable to definitively locate Wechsler or state his current condition. However, his augury did convey an overwhelming sense of doom, murder, and chaos. It also seemed to imply that answers to the investigation may lay to the south, in or near the Oberslecht.

Florian Weschler

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