Eduardo Castillo Rodrigues

A perpetually drunken Estalian swordsman who frequents the taverns of Stromdorf


The adventurers met Eduardo at the Thunderwater Inn in Stromdorf. It is obvious that he is quite down on his luck, and has been in his cups for a long time. His clothes were once fine, but now bedraggled by his inebriated exploits and infrequent baths. However, the sword hanging from his hip appears to be an example of master craftsmanship and appears to be the one possession that he prizes above all others, as the pommel is polished clean, and the leather scabbard is free from mud and appears to be recently oiled.

Regaling the group with tale of travel, loss, and heartache, he spun stories of his travel across the Old World and to the steaming jungles of Lustria. He spoke with deep sorrow at the loss of his ship to the legendary Bretonnian privateer The Unicorn, and wept bitterly at his quest to find his lost love the very captain of The Unicorn itself: The Lioness of Lyonesse, Janine de Belleville.

After listening to his tale, the group asked him if he had seen or heard of Florian Weschler in recent weeks, and Eduardo did indeed have information regarding the missing merchant. He had seen Weschler at the last Market Day, and how, later that night as he lay in the street in a drunken stupor, heard a cart leaving the Stewpot Hostelry, but was quite literally blind drunk and did not see where it went or who drove it.

Upon waking the next morning, Eduardo did see Weschler’s two bodyguards leave the Hostelry without Florian. They appeared to leave town through the ferry gate, presumably returning to Ubersreik via a northbound barge or sailing boat.

Eduardo Castillo Rodrigues

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