Brother Theoderic Grabbe

A wizened and wise priest of Morr


Some say that this ancient priest gambled Morr at knucklebones and won immortality. He has resided at the Stromdorf Garden of Morr for well over sixty years.

Time has been kind to Grabbe. He is straight-backed, with long white hair spilling over the plain black robes of his order, a high cowl framing his face, his skin stretched taut over his noble skull. His eyes glitter with intelligence, and his lips curl subtly into a placid smile

Brother Grabbe performs the rituals to secure the souls of the departed a place in Morr’s kingdom, and protects the cemetery from foul necromancy and flesh-hungry ghouls. It is common knowledge that the Morrite never leaves the Garden located southwest of the city.

Brother Theoderic Grabbe

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