A Storm Upon The Horizon

The Trial and a Danse Macabre

After taking The Lightning Stone from the Madteeth herd, and marching Otto, Maria, and Reiner Holtz (the children fled into the Oberslecht) back to Stromdorf to be judged for their crimes, the party testified at the trial of the murderous Keila Cobblepot and her associates. A guilty verdict was never in doubt, but the formality had to be observed. After the trial the criminals were marched to the Field of Verena and hung by the neck until dead.

Later that evening a cold wind blew from the west and the Holtzs, Cobblepot, and the two dead sheep wranglers shambled into town, killing a member of the Watch and threatening the party. After putting the undead down, the party slept fitfully until morning when summoned to meet with the Burgomeister, Phillip Adler, for the first time.

Thanking the party for their part in making the town a little safer, Adler offers each member of the party 50 silver shillings to travel to the Garden of Morr to the southwest of town, and escort the Morrite priest, Brother Theoderic Grabbe to consult on this problem with the restless dead.



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