A Storm Upon The Horizon

The Sleeping Elf

After awaking and meeting the rest of my traveling companions; we decided to attempt to see the Burgermeister. On our way, we noticed a bright light shining from the rural outstretches of the city. We arrived, and were rebuffed, and the office of the Burgermeister, telling us to speak to the captain of the guard; where we were also rudely dismissed.

We decided to turn our attentions to the bright light; flames engulfing a rural farm as it turns out. We arrived to a smoldering pile of ashes and rubble. We started to inquire at a neighboring farm when we were met by two met arguing angrily. Finally ending the argument, we learned the plight of the family. Al least what they would share with us. We were led by the wife into the forest where she introduced us to a creature of distinctly evil aura. He told us a tale of a great stone held by the beastmen. The Lightning Stone he called it. He asked us to retrieve said stone for reasons undisclosed. Al he said was that the current leader of the beastmen was treacherous and vile.

We were lead by the mysterious creature to a point near the camp of the beastman. We snuck, nearly silently, into close range of the beastmen, dancing and howling around their alter. Hanging off the top was a giant stone which would tremble as it was struck with a magnificent lightening bolt every few minutes.

As we began the attack, Tomke ran out and started the offense. I stayed back and spotted a hole in the side of the leader’s breastplate. After a couple exchanges, I was struck and I collapsed.

I remained unconscious. The first in and outs of life were flashes of arriving back at the in; and being aided by the herbalist.



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