A Storm Upon The Horizon

Journal of Vaulauyl

A Diary of Adventure Among the Races of the Old World

Arrival in Ubersreik

It is strange. This Dwarvian tale of ancient Elvish ruins; here, in the Empire. Curious.

I arrived in Ubersreik a few hours ago. I have arranged to travel tomorrow, via barge, to the town of Stromdorf, north of Ubersreik on the river Teuffel. From what I hear, “town” is much to quaint a word to describe Stromdorf. Although I will be happy to be traversing water rather than the mountainous terrain of the Grey Lady Pass; I am not looking forward to traveling amongst crates and rabble. But we do what me must.

On the River

Having been on the barge over night, I awake to a meager, if not nutritious, breakfast. The two humans introduce themselves and make small talk. I find out one is a fighter, and one calls himself and “Adventurer.” Funny how I hardly see him, except as a shadow, trying to make himself unseen. It is obvious the humans do not completely trust me. It is queer how humans so frequently portray ignorance as distrust.

The voyage has been otherwise uneventful. The boatman’s fears of smugglers and bandits seemed to be unfounded. I think his sons find him tiring, always expecting the worst in a situation. I suppose if I was forced to traverse the same waters, forwards and reverse for my entire life, I would too expect the worst. (If not pray for it!)

There are signs of torrential rains ahead, judging by the barges passing us on the Teuffel. Their boatmen more resembling a dog, growling at their master after forcing them into a basin of water for far too long. I suggested to the captain that I may want to disembark and travel over land to avoid the downpour. He quickly smashed those hopes telling me there is no way to avoid the rains, as they always fall over Stromdorf. Besides the rain, it would take much longer to get of at the west bridge, because I would have to travel around a great cemetery which seemed to frighten the sons of our captain. So we agree to endure the weather and press onward.

Upon approaching the West Bridge, we are called to attention by one of the hands to see that the bridge is gone, save a few remnants on the shore, and a pillar of wood standing as if to separate the water. As we neared the rubble of the bridge, one of the human passengers, Tomke, leapt to help save the boat from hitting the wooden spire. As we passed, we saw the culprit of the demolished bridge; a barge clearly overtaken with the swift waters brought on by the violent weather.


Upon safe arrival in Stromdorf; my fellow travelers, Vauter and Tomke, and I seem to have formed a bond. Perhaps they may prove helpful. As I made my way down the dock, Tomke asks me about a man near us. Wearing ornate robes, holding an embellished staff with curious human contraptions attached; I recognize the symbols as being Eltharian in origin and quickly recognize him as a wizard. We introduce ourselves and decide to band together.

The Wizard saves a few copper by making a fuss about a parchment which supposedly grants him passage. However, after the gatekeeper suggests an Inn for the group, I feel pity for his sad existence. Giving the man one silver, i hear him muttering something about reporting an Elf and a Wizard entering the city.



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