A Storm Upon The Horizon

22 June 2011 Session

Entering Ubersreik...

The bustling streets of Ubersreik flow with human traffic like the River Teufel that divides the busy trading town. Soft Brettonian vowels and the liquid flow of Elvish contrast the hard consonants of Reikspiel and Khazalid as traders bark and call across streets and squares.

The stench of fish assails the noses of Tomke “Rot Hand” Gleemann and Vauter Krueb who, following local advice, make their way into the common room of The Red Moon Inn. Asking about they meet Kurt Clauszeit another patron who is also seeking employment. He has heard that the Priestesses of Shallya are looking for volunteers to provide a secure escort to one of their hospices in the Grey Mountains. Tomke, Vauter, and Klaus stroll through the city to the Temple of Shallya. Kurt, being a native of Ubersreik points out various landmarks and places of interest.

At the Temple, our heroes discover that the priestesses are expecting volunteers rather than hired hands. Klaus conducts some quiet negotiation with one of the sisters, and Tomke and Vauter consider being at the temple the next morning to volunteer for the caravan.

Later that evening, Tomke is able, through some arm wrestling, intimidation, and general good cheer, to cull some interesting information from a rather drunk merchant who informs Tomke, Vauter, and Klaus that the merchant’s guild might be willing to hire them to seek out a missing member, one Florian Wescheler, a coal merchant who has failed to return from a recent business trip downriver to Stromdorf.

Initial inquiries have indicated that Weschler arrived in Stromdorf and sold the coal he was transporting, but the man, his wagon, and pony have all vanished. The merchants are, of course, concerned with the well-being of the man, but are more interested in the recovery of his guild signet since these rings provide a variety of privileges for the bearers.

The next morning a visit to the Merchant guild is quickly rebuffed as neither Tomke, Vauter, nor Klaus are members, but upon returning to The Red Moon Inn they are soon visited by a representative of the guild who provides information on Weschler and a letter of passage on a barge headed downriver.



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