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There’s plenty of world to explore…

It is the year 2521 I.C. (Imperial Calendar). Emperor Karl-Franz rules in Altdorf, and the Empire is relatively stable, though some threats do still exist.

The barbarous orcs trickle over the mountain passes threatening the Dwarf Karaks. Only through their stalwart defense and dwarfen engineering have the High King’s forces defended the holds and passes, and kept the trickle from becoming a flood that would wash away man, dwarf, and elf in an orgy of bloodshed.

Twisted and mutated beastmen caper about their debased and bloodsoaked herdstones deep within the Drakwald, and threaten travelers in the forests from Kislev to Altdorf itself. Imperial roadwardens and soldiers patrol regularly to keep the highways safe for traveler and trader alike, and hidden in mottled greens and browns, the secretive and cunning Wood Elf Waywatchers and Wardancers do their part to cull the savage herds before they can corrupt and despoil the ancient forests.

Marching to war alongside Imperial soldiery, emissaries and warriors from the High Elf island of Ulthuan, stand against the rising darkness throughout The Old World and beyond…

In the cities, Warrior Priests of Sigmar, their attendant Witch Hunters, and allied wizards from The Colleges of Magic hunt down and put to torch the hidden perfidious cults worshiping the Dark Gods of Chaos before their sickening rituals can take root and corrupt the decent citizens of the Empire.

And there are rumors and whispers of secret empire of rat-men that live beneath all the world in a hidden “under empire”, but no sane person believes these rumors, and no evidence has ever been produced to support the existence of said “rat-men”.

To the west,beyond the Imperial city-state of Nuln (home to the College of Engineers) and the province of Stirland, lies Sylvania, home of the Vampire Counts of Old. Though the Vampire Lords were defeated generations ago, Sylvania is still a dark and troubled land where doors are locked at sundown and the dead do not rest easy.

From across Reikland you’ve come, small adventures here and there have led you to the bustling Empire city of Ubersreik, and to further adventure beyond…

A Storm Upon The Horizon

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